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Main purpose and operation

What we want to offer is a public area for Arma 3 PvP fans where they can communicate with other players during a game which considerably increases the fun and of course improves teamwork. Another purpose is to offer to enrolled teams on any of the ESM™ competitions and that do not own a TeamSpeak 3 server a temporal private channel for their matches.




In this case a team would have to request their channel by contacting the organization (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) giving us this data:

  • Team's name
  • Channel's password
  • Names of the team's manager and captain

Another of the main purposes of having a TeamSpeak 3 server is to have an alternative download zone aside the one we already have on our website. We set up a channel for said purpose and it is called WELCOME TO ESM™ LOBBY.

Now lets see the different user groups and the purpose of each channel.

TS3 a   ESM™ Administrator
TS3 c   ESM™ Collaborator
TS3 c   ESM™ Caster
TS3 r   Team Representative (Team responsible & manager)
TS3 g   Guests
TS3 a   ESM™ Administrator These users will have a total control on TS3 Server structure to create, delete, and edit channels and user’s accounts.
TS3 c   ESM™ Collaborator           Users with limited rights, able to move, kick or ban users from channels, but unable to create, delete and edit channels and user’s accounts.
TS3 c   ESM™ Caster                     Users with limited rights, able to move, kick or ban users from channels, but unable to create, delete and edit channels and user’s accounts
TS3 r  
Team Representative 
(Team responsible & manager)
These users will be able move and kick users of the same or a lower category from channels. They will also be able to upload files to channel’s Lobby.
TS3 g   Guests                They will be able to download the files in the lobby and to navigate between the public channels.


  • Will be used mainly as alternative download zone or FTP (*.zip file forma) where anyone can download the official ESM™ maps. Every user will be able to download these and everyone of the "Team representatives" will be able to upload files too.
  • AccessTS3 g TS3 r TS3 c TS3 a


  • Area free for everyone with a subchannel for every ESM™ server.
  • AccessTS3 g TS3 r TS3 c TS3 a


  • Anyone willing to stream on their own a match can use this channel for this purpose
  • AccessTS3 r TS3 c TS3 a


  • Channel with restricted access for the certified streamers/casters of the ESM™
  • AccessTS3 c TS3 a


  • Exclusive channel for the ESM™ staff.
  • AccessTS3 c TS3 a


  • Public channel for afk users
  • AccessTS3 g TS3 r TS3 c TS3 a

1.1. The ESM™ TeamSpeak 3 server is free to use with limits established by the user group of each user.

1.2. As there is limited number of simultaneous available slots, some of them will be reserved the Admin, Collaborators, Casters and the representatives of each team.

1.3. The “WELCOME TO ESM™ LOBBY” channel is enabled as FTP alternative for the webpage and will allow to download all the official ESM™ in *.zip format.

1.4. It is strictly prohibited to broadcast music or any other type of sound in the channels.

1.5. Do not monopolize the channel, let other users speak and do no interrupt them.

1.6. The user undertakes to use TeamSpeak 3 in his/her complete game name. Behind this, each user can also gladly put his/her first name or nickname. All those who log with a false identity and a "fake-name" will be, after a single request, permanently banned from the server. Name used for advertising purposes, negative statements or provocative allusions are not allowed on the TeamSpeak 3.

1.7. Copyright violations will not be tolerated. Importation or broadcasting of music is an example.

1.8. It is forbidden to use Voice Changer on the TeamSpeak 3.

1.9. Advertising for other servers or websites, is forbidden except with the express permission of a server administrator.

1.10. Attacks against the server with so-called "Flood-tools" are strictly prohibited and will, if necessary, lead to a prosecution of the offender.

1.11. Recording is prohibited.

1.12. If you have background noise, use the "push to talk" option.

1.13. Do not switch between channels rapidly, this is extremely annoying for the other users.

1.14. ESM™ reserves the right to deny admission.

1.15. Respect! If you do not know how to live around people, this place is not for you.

1.16. This TeamSpeak 3 server is only for Arma 3 PvP purpose.

1.17. The use of the ESM™ TeamSpeak 3 server is strictly prohibited for purpose not linked to ESM™ or Arma 3 PvP games of ESM™.

1.18. For users with such rights, it is strictly prohibited to move, kick or ban any user without prior advice.

1.19. Any suggestions or useful criticism may be raised via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1.20. Take into account the Admin information and advice or you might get banned. The server admins do not need to justify their actions or decisions to other users.


Above all these rules are the common sense and the respect between users. This project is merely an attempt to create a place to meet for Arma 3 PvP lovers.



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